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pack adventures

We bring dogs to off-leash friendly areas where they can explore with the pack, stretch their legs and run, hike, or retrieve. Our Pack Adventures are roughly 2-3 hours each, depending on how many dogs are on the adventure and travel time. Each Pack is guaranteed at least 1 hour of fast-paced exercise! Creating a fun and exciting Pack Adventure is very important to us, but so is balance. Balance is key in order to build a healthy Dog Pack, so as much as we run and do adventurous things, we always know when to take a break for water, catch our breath, and soak up the world around us. At the end of the Pack Adventure we do a full nose to tail check-up, clean up the paws and make sure your dog is home safe and sound just as you would've left them. We always keep you updated throughout the adventure, with pictures and text alerts. You will be notified when your dog has been picked up, is exploring, and has been dropped off —  communication is key!

NOTE: We understand weather in Maine can be tough on our dogs so depending on the time of year, we may have to take breaks in the shade and enjoy some fresh water, or chill in the van with the AC. As soon as the Pack is ready, we are back to exploring the outdoors!  


10 adventure club card! $240

Save on Pack Adventures with a 10-pack Club Card. 10 adventures for $240, 20% off normal prices!


1 Adventure: $30

Includes pick up, drop off, basic obedience during the adventure, water and treats, and a thorough check-in after the adventure.


2 adventures: $50

Save $5 per adventure with a 2-pack! Same services you'd expect from the usual adventure, at a convenient savings to you.


About us

Canine Clubhouse of Maine is the brainchild of dog lover, avid outdoors lover, and Mainer, Caitlin Lebel. The foundation of Caitlin's love and respect for all animals started at a very young age, as she was brought up in a home with dogs (always) and her Mom was a dedicated VetTech for over 20 years at the local animal clinic. Her love for dogs, nature, and staying active, is a huge part of who she is, and what brings her much so she decided to follow her passion and start The Canine Clubhouse of Maine.  'Mom' to two active dogs herself, she knows what it's like to try to get pups all the exercise they need on a day to day basis. With a van and a plan, Caitlin has brought doggy exercise door to door for a convenient and affordable option for otherwise house-bound hounds. 

Plans for the future include building a beautiful outdoor space for the canine members and adding more vans to the fleet. For now, Caitlin will personally oversee every pack adventure, get to know your dogs, and treat them to the active outdoors romps that they imagine in their tail-twitching dreams. 

Caitlin is Pet CPR certified and fully insured.



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**Servicing Portland, South Portland, parts of Falmouth and Cape Elizabeth**

Caitlin Lebel


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